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Walking Stick Clip

Short Description: 

Keeps canes and crutches handy. A clip-on holder balance the cane and a rubber pad helps keeps the holder from sliding off the table.
The cane/crutch holder securely grips a cane or crutch with a 16 to 25mm (5/8" to 1") diameter.

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Product Detail : 

his walking Stick Clip fits easily around any walking stick, with its spring loaded mechanism ensuring that it stays in place securely. The walking Stick Clip allows any walking stick to be balanced on the edge of a table or work surface, rather than propped against a wall or corner, so the user can place it in a convenient position so their walking stick is easily to hand, which in turn allows the user to have both hands free and carry out tasks with confidence and ease.

Product Specification:

One Walking Stick Clip
Easily attaches to any walking stick
Allows the user to have both hands free
Enable you to balance your stick on an edge
Walking sick can be conveniently positioned
Increase user confidence
Walking stick can be easy to hand
Walking stick clip weight: 20 g

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