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Welcome to Disabled Advisor

Our goal is to provide users with an easy to use site to help build and spread knowledge, bringing people together to not only share news of great local groups, websites and products, but share common thoughts, feelings and hopefully make progress overcoming disability.

We believe that passing on valuable insights and lessons learnt is one of the best ways for disabled people and carers to share practical useful knowledge. We would highly recommend attending any suitable local groups. We find that the best people who understand disabilities and the daily struggles entailed are those facing similar issues. We are proud to play a part in creating an arena for the people and communities that use our site.


List a local group, product or website for free. Be visible and searchable to millions of users.

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Local Groups

When possible local groups can provide the best way to share tips and easily empathise. Not only that but activities are normally fun and may help possible improvements in a safe environment.

Other Websites

There are plenty of other site's that specialise in all manner of disabilities, why not tell other people about these!


The original reason for this website, to tell the world about new and handy products to the benefit of all. From leg splints, to walking stick straps to all the various wheelchairs that are available today, there's often a product that will help overcome some aspect of disability.

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