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Music Groups

Groups that are Mucally based, whether playing instruments or singing.

Pool of Sound

The Pool of Sound is a specialist music project based in Newcastle and has been running since 2006. The project provides one to one and group music sessions for a wide spectrum of adults and children with learning and physical disabilities. The overall aim of the project is to enable people with learning/physical/complex disabilities to create, rehearse, perform and record their own music.

North West Community Stroke Choir

The North West Community Stroke Choir is a Stroke Association Voluntary Group for people affected by stroke in NW region. We meet every Monday, and alternate between locations in Stockport and Manchester.

The choir is made up of stroke survivors, families, volunteers and people who work with, or who have been affected by, stroke. The only requirement to join is a connection to stroke and a desire to sing - there are no auditions.

Why we love to sing

London Stroke Choir

The choir is free to join and is a real lifeline to Stroke Survivors! Researchers have found that people who have lost the ability to communicate due to severe brain damage can regain it by singing the words. They believe that the melody can help the brain rewire itself so that it can bypass the damaged regions of the mind and so communicate.

We want this choir to run and run. If you can help with a donation we would love to hear from you or visit our Just Giving Campaign Page for this project

Colne Endeavour Band

Colne Endeavour is a charity run organisation and a true community band, who welcomes anyone to come along and play and learn an instrument.

Colne Endeavour Music Club was formed in 1972 primarily for the disabled or those with special needs. After branching off from the Colne Endeavour Music Trust (formed in 1960 by Bert Lyons), the Colne Endeavour Band evolved, including wind, brass, string and percussive instruments.

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