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SaeboStep with features
Dave wrote a comment for SaeboStep
Fiddly but worth it.
20 Feb 2018

Its not for everyone, a little fiddly but for some well worth the effort.

Knork Fork
George Kao wrote a comment for Knork Fork
Knork fork
12 Feb 2018

Excellent invention!

Image of nice people using the Gym.
Darragh Donnelly wrote a comment for Josephs Court Wellness Centre
Certainly is a Centre of Excellence
23 Feb 2018

Absolutely great the specialised exercise bikes are brilliant for making sure you know exactly how much you are working each of your legs down to...

Euans Guide
taylor wrote a comment for Euans Guide
Very helpful
13 Feb 2018

Great up-to-date new info. Very useful and some great ideas.