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Eastern Archers Society
203A London Rd S, Lowestoft, NR33 0DS

Eastern Archers Society


The Eastern Archers Society UK, is a registered activity provider, which is governed and controlled by the Eastern Activities Group. EAS UK has been designed to provide opportunities for everyone that wish to get involved within Archery.

Since the EAS UK has begun, we have seen many children, young adult, the elderly and the disabled become more involved, and Archery taking them to better places and meeting new friends, improved their health and well-being.

Session Days & Times:

Monday     9:30am until 20.00hrs

Tuesday     9:30am until 20.00hrs

Thursday   9:30am until 20.00hrs

Friday        9:30am until 5pm

Saturday   10am until 1pm

Regular group meeting times: 
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Wheelchair accessible