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Success After Stroke
The Stevenson Centre, Sudbury, CO10 0WD

Success After Stroke


Success After Stroke is a Sudbury based active and motivated self-help support group which meets on Tuesday and Friday mornings. Members are helped with their rehabilitation, confidence and independence to improve quality of life, supported by dedicated volunteers and therapists. In addition to meeting on Tuesday and Friday we offer other activities during the week including art and pottery classes.


Tuesday 09.30am - 12.00pm Friday 09.30am - 12.00pm Activities also on other days and venues, see below for details.

Tuesday and Friday mornings - Socialising, Physiotherapy, Speech and language, Brain training games, Wellbeing therapy, Basic nail care/hand massage

Wednesday morning - Art group at The Stevenson Centre (SAS members only)
Thursday morning - Pottery group at The Bridge Project, Sudbury (SAS members only)

In addtion, we arrange guest speakers and outings to places of interest

Regular group meeting times: 
Tuesday & Friday 9.30am - 12.00pm + Wednesday & Thursday mornings.
Membership subscription of £180 per year
Take Reservations
Wheelchair accessible