Josephs Court Wellness Centre | Disabled Advisor
Josephs Court Wellness Centre
Unsworth House, Colchester, Essex CO2 8JF

Josephs Court Wellness Centre


Unfortunately the centre is now closed.

Josephs Court is our wellness centre based in Colchester where we offer a range of activities.

We have specialised equipment designed to create strength and muscle tone and improve the general fitness of people affected by multiple sclerosis. Attending Josephs Court supports our client’s health and well being and helps them maintain their independence.

Mobility is not required to use our equipment, and we will work with you to make sure the exercise you take part in is safe and beneficial to you as an individual.

£5 a session or £25 a month suggested donations
Take Reservations
Accept credit cards
Wheelchair accessible


Darragh Donnelly's picture
Darragh Donnelly

Absolutely great the specialised exercise bikes are brilliant for making sure you know exactly how much you are working each of your legs down to the percent.

Much appreciated for many Stroke survivors - shame for now they cant take on new non-MS clients. Hopefully that will change with new planned premises.